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Current portfolio companies. As of January 1st, 2021, I'm exclusively investing through the fund.

OpenStore is empower e-commerce entrepreneurs with instant liquidity Founders: Keith Rabois Matt Lanter Location: Miami, FL

Pipe is unlocking recurring revenue as a debt and dilution-free asset class
Founders: Harry Hurst Zain Allarakhia
Location: Miami, FL

MicroAcquire is building the Zillow of M&A for Internet entrepreneurs Founders: Andrew Gazdecki Location: San Mateo, CA

Wander is building the infrastructure for people to live and work, anywhere
Founder: John Andrew Entwistle
Location: Austin, TX

Primer helps homeschoolers explore interests with each other Founders: Ryan Delk Maksim Stephanenko
Location: San Francisco, CA

Doorvest makes it easy to own high-yield rental homes entirely online
Founders: Andrew Luong Justin Kasad
Location: San Francisco, CA

Guardian is the safest way to protect your privacy on your smartphone
Founders: Will Strafach Chirayu Patel
Location: San Francisco, CA

Abodu builds backyard homes that expand a property's liveable space Founders: Eric McInerney John Geary Location: Redwood City, CA

Alias is building the ultimate marketplace for recruiting top talent
Founder: Khaled Hussein
Location: San Francisco, CA

Panther is building AWS for hiring global talent around the world
Founder: Matt Redler
Location: Tampa Bay, FL

Ancient Ritual is building the ultimate sauna experience for wellness
Founders: Matt Schwab David Bladow Location: San Francisco, CA

Alias is RSS for people and the new homepage for content creators
Founder: Faraaz Nishtar
Location: San Francisco, CA

Hang is building an enterprise grade NFT membership experience
Founders: Matt Smolin
Location: Santa Monica, CA

Navier is building the Tesla of boats which are 90% more efficient
Founders: Sampriti Bhattacharyya Location: Alameda, CA

Fluent is building next generation language learning that actually works
Founders: Ara Ghougassian Gavin Dove
Location: Vancouver, BC

Text Blaze gives you text-based superpowers to increase efficiency Founders: Dan Barak Scott Fortmann-Roe Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Flex is the Brex of Africa, helping businesses spend smarter
Founder: Yemi Olulana
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Peachy is building a new medical billing platform that puts patients at the center
Founder: Lex Oiler PJ Santoro
Location: Los Angeles, CA

BusRight is digitally transforming the antiquated $25B school bus industry
Founder: Keith Corso
Location: Boston, MA

Workchew turns local hospitality spaces into flexible work places
Founders: Maisha Burt, Ally McDougal
Location: Washington D.C.

Newzip makes it easy with connect to local experts to answer questions
Founder: Jayme Hoffman
Location: Nashville, TN

Pursuit is a marketplace for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, climbing
Location: Boulder, CO

Bonside has created a new asset class around investing in small businesses
Founders: Neha Govindraj
Location: New York, NY

Unannounced investment.

Unannounced investment.

Unannounced investment.

Unannounced investment.


Angel investments made prior to launching the fund. For track record purposes only.

Clubhouse is a space for live, casual, drop-in audio conversations
Founders: Rohan Seth Paul Davison
Location: San Francisco, CA

Primer helps homeschoolers explore interests with each other Founders: Ryan Delk Maksim Stephanenko
Location: San Francisco, CA

Panther helps you hire global talent in over 160 countries in just a few clicks
Founder: Matt Redler
Location: Tampa, FL

Doorvest makes it easy to own high-yield rental homes entirely online
Founders: Andrew Luong Justin Kasad
Location: San Francisco, CA

Glimpse turns rentals, coffee shop, offices into product showrooms
Founders: Akash Raju Anuj Mehta
Location: San Francisco, CA

Norby builds tools to help creators activate followers at the right moment
Founders: Nick Gerard
Location: San Francisco, CA


I chatted with Lex Oiler, CEO of Peachy, about how a hospital bill that bankrupted her family set her on a mission to fix the broken medical billing system and her non-linear journey to becoming a founder.


I chatted with David Sacks, co-founder of Craft Ventures, about how the best founders create movements, the rise of censorship in the U.S. and why folks in the center feel politically homeless today.


Join 30,000 listeners in 100+ countries for conversations that will push your perspective


I chatted with Balaji Srinivasan about the rise of cloud cities, the Oregon Trail generation, a decentralized model for citizen journalism and a path forward for tech and media.


I chatted Mike Maples about breakthrough insights, a lesson from a fishing trip with his Dad, stumbling into his 1st angel investment (Twitter) and a big issue facing our country almost no one talks about.


I chatted with Garry Tan about building the world you want to live in, how having refugee ancestors has influenced his worldview, navigating the idea maze as a founder and his $200M mistake.


I chatted with Jeff Morris Jr. about investing in a post-#COVID19 future, non-linear career paths in times of economic uncertainty, moving to Kansas City to break into tech and the unbundling of talent.


I chatted with James Beshara about to talk about the importance of honesty, psychology of being a founder, how things can either happen to you or for you and why creation is built into our DNA.



Hi, I’m Kyle Tibbitts. I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at Wander, which is building the travel experience of the future (and the future of corporate retreat). Previously, I was Head of Marketing at Fast, Head of Brand Marketing and second marketing hire at Opendoor ($OPEN) and Senior Marketing Manager at HotelTonight (acquired by Airbnb). I’ve spent the last 12+ years building marketing machines from the ground up and love jumping into the trenches with founders to help take their marketing strategies from 0 to 1. I also host a podcast called the Paradox Podcast with 35,000+ listeners.


The mission of Paradox Capital is simple. Give outsider founders –– and founders outside Silicon Valley –– early capital and direct access to the best product, marketing, design and ops experts inside Silicon Valley so they can build their companies wherever and however they want. In particular, I'm looking to invest in resourceful and resilient founders with the storytelling superpowers and vision required to recruit talented global teams to join their missions.Every week, founders from all over reach out to me, asking for help taking their marketing strategies from 0 to 1. This fund scales my ability to bet on the best ones and build a support network around them. While Silicon Valley the place is dissolving into the cloud, the philosophy around boundless creation is stronger than ever. That’s the tension –– the paradox –– I'll be leaning into.

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